Catching Up

Catching Up February 19, 2009

It’s been busy times here in lovely Montana (as usual). Work has been busy, lots of spring/summer projects in the air as well as prospects of bigger and better work in the future. Raise prospects are still good, though needing further strategery. Life in the bureaucracy, sometimes thrilling, sometimes dreadful.

Thesis work continues at it’s titanic-like steady pace toward completion (bad metaphor, I suppose – my thesis is far more graceful, like floating, a Hindenburg). I read things, I highlight pdfs with my fancy new computer. Sometimes I write something. Did you know there were instant divisions in the interpretation of Kant, quickly dividing into the Marburg School and the Southwest German School of Neo-Kantian thought? Guess which school I’m in…


Valentine’s day was a blast. A lazy day, then with some inspiring images sent by Dave W and seeing “ice-trex” on sale at a local store, I decided Julie and I were going to climb a mountain (after dinner and the Vagina Monologues). By 11pm we were at the Pattee Canyon trailhead, 3.5 miles from the summit of Mount Sentinel. By about 1am we were at the top, snapping fun long-exposure pics.On the car-ride up, Julie said, “I think this is my best Valentine’s day ever.” Awwww… (but that was before the 7 mile hike in sub-freezing temperatures and snow).


Then there was the visit by Rev. Master Zensho Robison of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. He was brilliant. He is usually pretty quiet, relying on the prodding of whoever is with him to talk on specific topics, but this time he went on and on, covering a wide range of topics in Buddhist thought and (mostly) practice. Some time, if I get ’round to it, I’ll try to blog on some of what I recall from his talk.

Yesterday Julie and I celebrated a second V-Day, of sorts (she wanted to cook something special for me, and with the business and excitement of the hike, etc we forgot to exchange gifts and cards). So, another wonderful evening.

And tonight was Sutta study night at the local FWBO center (always a lively time). We discussed the importance of samadhi/concentration practice, vs those pesky ‘bare awareness is all you need’ folks, based on the Saccavibhanga Sutta.

And now… I should be working on my thesis… but… Laziness has the best of me. Tomorrow though (thesis, for sure).

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