Life: Monday Morning Randoms

Life: Monday Morning Randoms February 23, 2009

Sitting – sore back (hard bed in Helena). Needing, no – wanting – better office chair for home.

Enjoying Missoula – so many wonderful people. Life, pretty good here. Recession, will hit us next year (Montana is behind the curve on practically everything).

Nostalgic a bit for Bristol, hearing from many old acquaintances, friends and classmates after Ken’s passing. Funny, how even in death he is bringing people together. A wonderful man.

Not so nostalgic for London, but happy for my recent time there (free of drama), looking forward to more enjoyable time in London. Some day I’ll even take back D.C.

Photography, a new obsession. Nine more frames purchased this weekend (at $5 each). Next step: prints.

Thesis work – actually happening. Planning for an intense week and off to a good start.

Work, is work.

Exercise, is lacking but on the agenda. Meditation too.

Speaking of agenda, and work, I’m off.

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