A return

A return June 26, 2009

So much can be said about the return from a retreat. While every retreat is different, each for me has been a wonderful escape from the daily routine and an always-fresh and new inward journey. This is from my comment on my last post, but it’s worth reposting:

I agree that we all need to work harder to find peace right where we are. I think retreats serve as a wonderful crutch, or rocket booster, for our meditations and peace-seeking. It gives us a break from our reactive/conditioned minds, hopefully deepening our insight into life, providing a gift we can bring back and give both to others and to ourselves each day.

In truth this was more of a working-retreat for me than a meditative one. That is a mixed blessing. I’m not as blissful as I would be had I meditated more, but I did get some much-needed momentum on my thesis. So, all-in-all I am deeply grateful for the time, the opportunity, all those who have supported me and helped me along, both in studies and meditation.

There were 3 birds like this one living in a birdhouse at one edge of the property. They constantly flew in intricate circles around the yard (catching bugs I assume, or just playing dare-devil), chasing one another, coming perilously close to the cabin and trees. Even when I stood in the middle of the yard they continued, flying directly at me at times and veering off just short of collision.

Bird of prey over the river.
For some reason the butterflies loved the ashes. They flocked there in the dozens.
A little bunny who lived in the trees beside the cabin.

The big dipper over the cabin.
Constellation unknown.

Back to the great mystery which is life itself.

But first, some sleep.

May you all find the peace you seek.

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