Slow bloggin, road trips, more photos

Slow bloggin, road trips, more photos February 9, 2010

It’ll be thesis, thesis, thesis for the next month or so, and then a trip to England to defend a bit of it – so blogging will be a bit sparse.

This weekend, Julie and I and a couple friends took a road trip to Jackson, MT, population 37, for a dip in their famous hot springs. The area around Jackson is a gorgeous, though desolate, piece of Montana. Situated on a high plateau, roughly around 6000 feet, they receive only 30 frost-free days a year. It felt great to escape from the city for a while, experience the great expanses of people-free land, and breathe the cold, clear air. In the clear air the temperature drops fast at night, and it was down well below zero Fahrenheit during our night there. It’s the kind of open space, cold air and blue skies I grew up with in Helena, MT; something that’s changed noticeably in the last 15 years with population growth and global warming.

It’s good to know such places still exist.

Wishing peace to all beings.

(update with the original of the two Bald Eagles – see comments for details)

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