Glacier National Park road trip

Glacier National Park road trip March 9, 2010

I’m thinking maybe I should start doing something like “photo Mondays” – but, me being me, you’d have to expect them sometime Tuesday afternoon!  Anyhow, before the “thinkin’ big thoughts” resumes for the next couple days, I figure I should toss up some photos from a more-than-lovely day out in Montana. But before that, I should note that I had the pleasure of meeting a very cool monk on Saturday. This guy:

Myself, Charlie, and Konchog Norbu

(I didn’t get the maroon memo)

Sunrise over the Potomac Valley, MT.
End of the road, for us. Two Medicine Road just outside of Glacier National Park, east side.
Lunch on the Two Medicine River
Mount St Nicholas – from the Middle Fork Flathead River along Route 2 south of the park. (big thanks to Tony -in comments- for the attribution and correction; speaking of Tony, check out his amazing photography here)
Shootin Julie shootin me.
Fooling around with camera movement/blur effects.
And a bit more fooling.
Snow angel (shot with a polarizer filter, as was the river shot above)
Lake McDonald
Some moss an the captured flitterings of a moth or butterfly in the sun.
A cairn on Lake Mcdonald.
Sunset over Flathead Lake.
And after Flathead, we cruised down to Symes Hot Springs and ran into – who else – the monk (!) accompanied by a couple of the cool guys from the Ewam Buddha garden, soaking it up on their way to a new (/in the works) retreat center. 
And just this morning I was graced again by Konchog’s presence as he dropped by for coffee en route home to Namdroling, Bozeman. He was in town to check out the above mentioned Buddha garden and took some time to make some Buddhas (insert cheesy Zen joke here). And tomorrow Julie and I and the Vipassana group and the UM Campus Sangha will all head down to make some Buddhas ourselves. These are certainly some exciting (Dharma) times for us here in quiet Western Montana.
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