Photo Monday: Mountains and Flowers

Photo Monday: Mountains and Flowers June 16, 2010
Yea, I know. It’s Wednesday. 
This weekend, Julie and I made our way up to Holland Lake/Upper Holland Lake for a two-night camping excursion. It was so good to get back into nature for a couple days; I need more of that. Though I expect that meditating in Taiwan next month will have a wonderful effect as well – not to mention four months living at Bodh Gaya in the fall. But there is probably something still very special about Montana’s wilderness for me; the smells of pine trees that bring back memories of my childhood, or something nostalgic like that.
Anyhow, the busy week continues, so here are the photos. The close-ups were taken with a new Sigma 70-300mm lens which I’m very happy with thus far.

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