The Turning 30 Birthday Blog Post

The Turning 30 Birthday Blog Post June 2, 2010

What can I say? I’m 30. I don’t feel a day over 27 and I’m no wiser than I was at 25. Maybe it will sink in over the next few days. Maybe I’ve gained great wisdom, but equal parts humility, so it all balances out. Maybe I’m getting more and more full of it with each passing year and decade. 

As my friend Kristen wrote just weeks ago while reflecting on her 30th: “I’m writing and reflecting. Party!!!” I’ll second that.  For me it’s Bhikkhu Bodhi, the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta, soon a 5 mile run in the rain, and then a nice dinner with Julie. But first some annoying(ly cute) childhood photos.

Me, fat and cheerful at age 0, back when I was truly in touch with my Buddha-Nature.
Me with my brother and sister, around age 1, signs of philosophical brooding and confusion beginning to set in.

Age 2, apparently happy again. 

I’m not really feeling in the mood for a drawn-out retrospective at the moment. My 20s were incredibly good to me, so I have no complaints. Like Kristen, I have mostly gratitude for what life has dealt me thus far. I hope in this decade I can do more to help people, be a bit kinder and more patient, and continue to cultivate aesthetic and intellectual capacities.  Much of my 20s were spent in grad school, so hopefully that can come to a swift and fruitful close and a good job will come my way, much to my family’s delight. 

That’s about it, I suppose. No grand resolutions or windfall realizations. I’ve found these to be of little value in the great scheme of things. No, for me it’s just slow and steady along the path. Working hard, setting the conditions for good returns, and repeating.

But, as long as we’re mentioning gratitude, I should give thanks to my family, to Julie, to many, many friends near and far, and you, dear readers, who’ve helped, supported, or simply been there when needed. It’s a wonderful life; and it’s more wonderful still to share it with all of you. 

Now for that run.
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