Egypt, London, Montana, You: Today the World is One

Egypt, London, Montana, You: Today the World is One February 28, 2011
A friend recently posted a link to an article in UK’s Guardian newspaper on the “Soundtrack to the Arab revolutions.” And while each song is in its way both beautiful and poignant, I thought I might share another, more subdued bit of revolutionary music-video.

Below is a video of my housemate, Hani, an Egyptian living in London at the same time as myself and several others from around the world. This night, like many others, was spent sharing food, some libations, stories, and music. Life there, in noisy, dirty student housing, was generally downright miserable. But thanks to the amazing people I shared this experience with and the common reassurance that, “this will be a great story for your grandchildren one day,” I wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world. Friendship, especially across boundaries, truly is revolutionary.

Some friends in the video: Masachi (Japan), Lenart (Slovenia), Sjors (Holland), Anis (Bangladesh), me, Kim (UK), Sana (Pakistan), Shahnaz (India), two Chinese girls (sorry, forgot their names), Nicole (Taiwan).

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