Learning Hindi (Humor)

Learning Hindi (Humor) November 10, 2011

For the last year and a half I have been ‘studying’ Hindi. I haven’t really gotten very far -too many other projects- but now that I live with a handful of Hindi speakers, I figured I’d give it another go. Part of my studies involves daily email lessons. Here is a bit of today’s lesson entitled:


यह मरुस्थल  ( desert ) वीरान  (desolate ) है |

( Yah marusthal veeraan hai. )

It is a desolate desert.

Yep, I’m sure I’ll be using that soon.

बर्फ  ( ice ) एवं हिम  ( snow ) में क्या अंतर (difference ) है ?

(Barf  evam him mein kya antar hai ? )

What is the difference in ice and snow?

I’ll save this for a quiet moment in that मरुस्थल वीरान, desolate desert. By the way, notice that the Hindi word for ‘ice’ is barf. There, you’ve learned more Hindi in 30 seconds than I do in an average 30 days.

पृथ्वी अस्थिर ( unstable ) है  |

(Prithvee  asthir hai. )

The earth is  unstable.

ज्वालामुखी  ( Volcano ) सुशुप्त  (निष्क्रिय)     है |

(Jawalaamukhee sushupt or nishkriy  hai.)

The volcano is dormant.

यह चक्रवाती  ( cyclonic ) हवा है|

( Yah chakravaatee hava hai. )

It is a cyclonic wind.

I’m beginning to think the people in charge of this were a bit preoccupied.

पार्थिव शरीर ( body )   भेजा (sent ) जा रहा है |

(Paarthiv sharer bheja jaa raha hai.)

The dead body is being sent.

Okay, wait a minute…

मैं निरंतर (constantly )  उस लडकी का   रोना ( cry )   सुनता  ( hear )  हूँ|

(Main rirantar us ladkee ka rona sunata huun.)

I constantly hear the cry of that girl .

How do you say, “This is getting creepy?”

हम कारागार (jail )  में सड़ ( languish )  रहे हैं|

(Ham kaaraagaar mein sad rahey hain. )

We are languishing in jail (prison).


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