Brad Warner: Buddhist meditation in a bunny suit

Brad Warner: Buddhist meditation in a bunny suit May 30, 2013
brad warner of hard core zen
Brad Warner (via wikipedia)

Taking on the very serious topic of “Why should we meditate” while dressed in a cosmic bunny suit might seem a bit strange and, well, it is. But that’s Brad Warner for you, the man who brings you hard core zen and a slew of books with titles like:

And now he has put out his most recent book, There Is No God and He Is Always with You: A Search for God in Odd Places (due out June 11), which, according to the amazon page, tackles such questions as Can you be an atheist and still believe in God? – Can you be a true believer and still doubt? and – Can Zen give us a way past our constant fighting about God? 

His approach might not work for you, which is understandable – it’s not always really my thing, to be honest, but I do like the message of this video. And odds are, you know someone for whom Brad’s style will resonate very well.

Anyhow – on to the video. Watch it. Meditate. 

(Oh, and if the bunny suit doesn’t work for you, just close your eyes)

Warner has also posted an essay expanding on the video:

One of my top FAQs (that’s Frequently Asked Questions, grandpa!) is “Why should we meditate?” It’s a good, honest question. And lots of meditation teachers have good answers. A lot of times they’ll quote scientific surveys involving brain scans of meditating monks and things like that. Sometimes they’ll drag out that big doorstop of a book Zen and the Brain and show you some graphs in there. But I’ve never read that book. It’s too smart for me. Nor can I understand most of those graphs and charts — even though I’ve had my brain scanned at least three different times as part of those kinds of studies.

I meditate because I can feel for myself the huge difference it makes in my life. I wouldn’t waste an hour or more every day on some activity that wasn’t worthwhile. And I certainly wouldn’t have kept it up for close to thirty years if it didn’t seem to be doing anything for me!

(read the rest on his site!)

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