What was Religion in Pre-Islamic Arabia Like?

What was Religion in Pre-Islamic Arabia Like? October 31, 2021

I’ve been more absent than ever during this month because of health reasons that prevent me from even reading comfortably. Not the Halloween I expected, but I do hope you had a wonderful one. However, I have also found a kind of remedy in videos and documentaries. While it is uncomfortable as well, I can still get lost in the ancient work, mostly pre-Islamic Arabia. Although it’s hard to have a definite answer due to the diversity of faiths and beliefs before the arrival of Islam, it is possible to have a general understanding of what was happening at that time.

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels. Cropped.

I just saw a video that gives a lot of answers to the topic, while also generating enough questions to keep you interested in it. Pre-Islamic Arabia is not the simplest of worlds, but it certainly is a fascinating one. One would be sure, as In was, that this was an exclusively polytheistic time, but it wasn’t always the case, just to give one example, and you discover that’s simply not the case. I’ll leave it down below for those of you who want a starting point, and also encourage you to watch more videos on the channel if you’re interested in religions, maybe see the playlist on Islam.



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