Happy No. 5 Patheos

Happy No. 5 Patheos May 5, 2014

In the midst of grading, writing & prepping for more summer teaching, a quick saludos to the folks at Patheos, whom I have had the pleasure of helping out since they first started! #Patheos5yo

I remember writing much of the material that forms the basis of their “Pentecostalism” section & now as a (semi) regular blogger on their Progressive Christian channel, I don’t know of another forum that captures the essence of (irr)religious/spiritual life like Patheos. Truly a pleasure to write for you folks.

If you look around the vastness that is the blogosphere, there are not a lot of Latina academic writers opining about religion…for that, Patheos is to be commended for seeking us out and promoting our work to a very very large audience.  My hopes for your future Patheos are a Spanish-language channel? Now that would truly be revolutionary….since the religious/spiritual life of the 2/3 world remains to be explored in venues like this…I welcome something like that from Patheos.

Once I get under this pile of overdue articles/writing/ and grading–I will be starting a series examining evangelical/Pentecostal women–entitled “The Problem With…” we will be exploring the celebrities like Joyce Meyer and the grassroots folks no one’s heard of, to the historical figures that comprise this movement, since, let’s be real, there would be no global Pentecostal movement without women.  Till then I hope you enjoy some of my past post in preparation for what I hope will be a provocative series on women.





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