What Do Other Religions Get Right?

What Do Other Religions Get Right? September 26, 2023

Most of the time when people get together to talk about a religion other than their own, their aim is to criticize what those other religions get wrong about theology, or doctrine as compared to their own.

But, what if we gathered a variety of authors from a wide range of theological perspectives and asked them to tell us what they love most about other faiths? What if a Bahai follower told us what they love about Hinduism? Or if a Christian told us what they love about Neo-Pagans? Or if a Muslim told us what they love most about Jesus?

That’s exactly what we did when Quoir Publishing and Patheos collaborated together to bring people from Islam, Christianity, Bahai, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism to tell us what they learn from people of other faiths and how those practices enrich their own faith practice.

In today’s episode of Apostate’s Anonymous, co-hosts Keith Giles and Matthew Distefano give us the inside scoop on the book, how it came to be and why it’s so essential for the time we live in today.


The book is out today and it’s called Sitting in the Shade of Another Tree. You can grab a copy of your own right now on Kindle or Paperback.

Contributors to the book include: Brandon Andress, Martin Brooks, Allison Dafferner, Matthew J. Distefano, Hurunnessa Fariad, Keith Giles, Caleb Gilleland, Heather Hamilton, Travis Henry, Sandhya Jha, Dr. Safi Kaskas, Ejaz Naqvi, MD, Duncan Pile, Gregory Smith, Fred Stella, and Kevin Sweeney.



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