Welcome to Approaching Justice

Welcome to Approaching Justice February 12, 2013

Welcome to Approaching Justice!


I have been blogging for many years at Faith-Promoting Rumor. I will still be contributing at FPR, but I am starting a different venture here.


Chris lecturing on the campaign trial in 2012 (AP)

Approaching Justice will be a combination of religion, politics, current events, and…well…Chris Henrichsen. So, that means there will be some pop culture and personal musings as well. There might even be some poetry. 🙂


The guiding theme of this blog is social justice. As the title of this blog suggests, the inspiration is a mixture of liberal egalitarianism and religious idealism.


At Approaching Justice there will be three to four posts a day. These posts will include commentaries on current events or issues in politics and religion. They will include reflections on theology and philosophy. Many of those reflections will be glimpses into my project in Rawls and religion. Many of my posts will deal with Mormonism and my own Mormon experience.


I am open to contributions for others. We will have some regular contributors and guest contributors. Stay tuned.


Comments are welcome from all. If you are snarky, you may be snarked back. If you disagree…great! I will have questions for you and I will try to answer your questions.


I am excited for this ride.


Welcome, aboard.

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