Campaign Chronicles: Introduction #campaignchronicles

Campaign Chronicles: Introduction #campaignchronicles February 11, 2013

From late March of 2012 through November 2012, I ran for the United States House of Representative.

Many of you know that already.

However, I have not really told my story. There were many times on the trail that I thought “I am totally going to write about THAT some day.” Well, it begins here.

The campaign was a transformative experience. It helped me realize who I am. It helped me discover a deeper faith and a deeper love of my family.

It also caused a lot pain.

Overall, I gained more than I lost. Oh, and I totally lost the election.

Some of the issues that I will be tackling include:

  • Encounters with the media
  • Political parties
  • Family Adventures
  • Money and politics
  • Special Interest groups
  • Running as a community college teacher
  • Anti-religious/Mormon sentiment amongst Democrats
  • Encounters with the far-right
  • Being a Mormon Democratic Candidate

The list will grow I am sure. I am writing this as a larger project. I am blogging about these experiences as a means of getting my thoughts and experiences organized. As a result, the posts may not follow a particular order.

As a creature of twitter, my campaign posts will have the hashtag #campaignchronicles.

(Note to my wife, parents, and concerned friends: yes, I am working on my dissertation as well!) 🙂

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