Dissertation Drive: I could use your help!

Dissertation Drive: I could use your help! February 21, 2013

Dear friends,

I am at a crossroads. After finishing the campaign, I left Casper College. I am shifting focus to a number of other projects.

However, before I do any of those things…I must finish my dissertation.

I have a ways to go. However, I am going to dedicate the rest of February and all of March to push this through.

Once I am finished, I will turn my energies to Independence Rock Group: Center for Faith, Ethics, and Social Justice.

My dissertation deals for the concepts of faith, sin, and social justice. Of course, it largely focuses on the work of John Rawls.

I could use your help. You can help me by doing one of two things…or both.

1. Read my posts about my dissertation here at Approaching Justice. I know that you may not read about Rawls and religion normally, but if you visit my blog it helps me generate revenue. I need a lot of page views to do so. Every visit helps. These posts will have the hashtag #rawlsreligion. I will still do a weekly post about my my Congressional campaign (#campaignchronicles), but the dissertation will stay the focus until it is completed.

2. Become a founding supporter of the Independence Rock Group. Contribute $10 or $25 so that we can hit the road running after my dissertation. Do so by going to our “Dissertation Drive” page. By contributing to this drive, you will free me up to focus on my dissertation. Note: the funds donated to the Dissertation Drive will not be used to directly support the dissertation project. Instead, it will allow me to apply the principles of my dissertation as part of Independence Rock Group.

Thank you,

Chris Henrichsen


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