A Real Struggle for Religious Freedom

A Real Struggle for Religious Freedom October 15, 2013

In God’s Double Agent, Bob Fu tells us a story about religious and political oppression that Americans can hardly imagine. It is his story.

Here, Fu briefly introduces himself and his story:

We often throw around terms like oppression and tyranny, like we have a clue as to what they mean.

For that reason alone, I would encourage everyone to read the story of Bob Fu, and his wife Heidi. It is a well-written tale and one that will get you thinking about what it is that you would do under similar circumstances.

No, the NSA mining your data is not the same as living through crack-down at Tiananmen Square.

No, requiring insurance companies to pay for birth control pills is nowhere near the same thing as forced abortions.

If you think you are oppressed by these things, you are more delusional than you are oppressed. Get a grip.

We talk a lot about the loss of religious freedom. I am glad I can live in a place where any little offense can be condemned as an assault of religious freedom. In some places, it is not even legal to go to church or hold prayer meetings.

After reading God’s Double Agent, I am even more committed to fighting for real religious freedom everywhere. There is much work to be done.

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