About the Blog

This blog emerges from a growing movement among Pagans to look more closely at the relationship our spiritual paths have with ‘nature’. This means the land beneath our feet, and all the people that live in our places, whether those people are human, animal, vegetable, mineral or spirit. Each post seeks to look at what place means to us in our mostly urbanised, highly technology-dependent, mobile lives.

The Pagan writers behind the blog will be asking questions like those below and answering those questions from their own experience:

•   How do we find the more-than-human and connect with local spirits in any place, whether we are rural or urban?
•   How does living in the city or in the country, in the ‘Old World’ or in the ‘New World,’ in the place of our birth or in a strange land, change our relationship with place?
•   How do the particular qualities of different places in which we live and work affect our perspective and practice as Pagans?
•    How do personal and cultural histories of displacement, diaspora and colonisation affect our relationship with ancestors of blood, ancestors of place and land spirits?


The images included in the blog header represent the homes of the original four contributors: Eskdalemuir, Scotland (image by Shirokazan); Olympia, Washington, USA (image by Jim Bowen); Cork, Ireland (image by Megan R. Marks); and Glasgow, Scotland (image by baaker2009).