A fond farewell

Rainbow over home

Dear readerYou may have noticed that I have not been writing for the last little while. This is not because I don't want to, but rather because my fibromyalgia symptoms have prevented me. I have made a decision to resign from writing for A Sense of Place, as I do not know when I will be able to write regularly and reliably on relevant topics again.I have loved sharing my experiences and reflections with you, occasionally engaging in conversation, and most of all, opening up this … [Read more...]

When Technology Forces Us To Leave Space For Nature

Image by Mathew Rutledge. CC by-non commercial

After the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown and fire, a 1004 square mile exclusion zone was created, where humans were not allowed to live or work except under special circumstances. Nature took over, and images from the area are haunting and beautiful. But the place isn't safe for nature any more than it is safe for humans. I've had a lot of reason to think about this over the past week as I process the journey that I took in the middle of a dark and rainy Monday night in Seattle.As I … [Read more...]

Our Dark Secret


I just discovered my forest has a dark secret.Well, actually, it isn't the Forest's dark secret, it's our dark secret.Some 30 feet west of the forest's edge there are rolling, grassy hills and a bike path called the Chief Sealth trail.  The view from those hills are breathtaking.  Looking west you can see the Salish Sea ('Puget Sound,' if we use the colonial name) and the slopes of the Olympic mountains tinted blue-green by the ancient rainforest call the Hoh.Looking to the s … [Read more...]

Meeting With The Gods and Spirits

How do I tell you a story without telling you the whole story? I'm good at that "Dare" thing, but not very good at the "Keep Silent" thing. Except that this time I was told to hold some things back. Some of the story I can share, and some I cannot. Maybe its because of the magick that's still working from last night, and maybe its because not everyone would understand, or maybe its something else entirely. I don't know. I just know what I was told.Do you ever wonder if all this magick stuff … [Read more...]

After the Storm, The Mushrooms Arrive

little brown mushrooms on Anderson Island, October 2014

Saturday the winds whipped up a storm that brought pounding rain to Western Washington state. Some trees fell and others just lost a few branches. Debris flew at 65 to 70 miles an hour into people, cars and buildings causing minor injuries and property damage. A friend and I stood outside guiding traffic away from a downed wire and watched the sky for the tell-tale signs of blue flashes that said that another transformer was blown, another neighborhood losing their power. It wasn't the first … [Read more...]

The Mystic Black Hole Where Technology Failed Me

It was like a black hole. Only it didn't affect light. It only affected communication. Radio waves and the Internet and the telephone. All as good as dead in the zone around my mother's small town apartment.Great effort was required to get information in or out of the black hole, and even when there was success, it was often time-delayed to a most frustrating extent.People would call me, but my phone didn't ring. I might get a voicemail alert an hour or two later. Or not. I would try to … [Read more...]

Finding Land Spirits and The Fae

Catriona McDonald

Helpful tips and tricks to finding the spirits we share space with on this earth. Preliminary Steps The following precautions should be heeded when one goes searching for spirits of land.Get out of your car. Remove the roof, fill it full of soil, and plant a tree inside. Turn off your phone.  If it's too smart to be turned off, apply open flame. Pull out your headphones and smash them with a rock.  Sweep up the pieces and dispose of them properly.  If recycling facilities do not exist … [Read more...]