A Prayer for My Children

A Prayer for My Children February 16, 2016


Dear Lord,
Thank you for my children. I pray they see You in me and follow You because of it. Please forgive me when I mess up, and help my kids to forgive me as well. Lord, I pray that my kids see and know deep within their hearts that You love them.

I pray they know without a doubt that I love them too…especially when they mess up.

Help my children to know that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), and You have great plans for their life that will help them to prosper and have hope…even when times are tough (Jeremiah 29:11).

Give my children the strength to do hard things and never give up. Let them learn from their mistakes and get back up when they fall. I pray You give them wisdom to know what is good and what is bad. Protect them from falling into the pits of addiction, abuse, anxiety/depression, and pride.

Lord, give them grace towards others who wrong them, but also, help them to be wise in choosing their close friends. I pray that my kids give their heart to You.  When someone tries to break it, You will be there to make them feel whole again.

Lord, help my children to make good decisions that will have a positive impact on their future. Equip them for what You have in store for them. Help them to keep their eyes firmly fixed on You and Your will and to be in tune to what You want them to do.

Give them a hunger for Your word, and help them to hide it in their hearts.

Lord, help me to do everything I possibly can to teach them to be independent individuals who love You, love people, and serve the world. When they are down and doubting their abilities or purpose in this world, help me to say the right words to give them hope.

Thank you for the tremendous gift it is to watch them learn and grow. May I never take any day for granted.

Thank you for loving my children even more than I do. Their lives are in Your amazing, loving hands, Lord. Watch over them, protect them, and keep them healthy, strong, wise, and kind, so they may be a light for You.
In Jesus’ Name,

Thank you for reading, responding, and sharing!  Be blessed!

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