3 BIG Reasons to Kiss Your Spouse in Front of Your Kids

3 BIG Reasons to Kiss Your Spouse in Front of Your Kids January 14, 2018

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One day while my kids and some neighbor kids were playing in the kitchen and my husband, Dave, had just come home from work, he walked in the kitchen, pulled me close, hugged me, and greeted me with a kiss.  It was by no means a lingering, passionate embrace; but it was a warm and affectionate greeting where, yes, our lips locked.  Cooper’s friend loudly gasped and said “Eew, gross!” and looked at Cooper as if he should have the same reaction.  Coop just smiled and said, “What? They do that all the time.”   I thought the nine year-old boy was having what he thought was the “proper” response to adults kissing, but he had a hard time shaking the look of pure disgust off of his face.

This may seem insignificant and what many deem as kids simply being kids. Nevertheless, I’ve given his reaction some thought.

Did we do something inappropriate?  I don’t think so at all.  In fact, I think more kiddos need to see their parents exchanging affection with each other and to perceive it as a good thing.

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