3 Major Myths About Hijab Even Among The Muslims

3 Major Myths About Hijab Even Among The Muslims November 19, 2017


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Hijab is meant for women only

Now that we understand that hijab is more than just a dress code or head covering-only, lets address the other prevailing myth.

(OK, the picture here does not truly reflect ‘hijabi men”, as they are likely covered up for cold weather).

I have seen many Muslim men, especially in mosques, eager to impose “hijab” on the women worshippers and attendees of religious services. They get very uptight if the hijab slips a little from the women’s heads.

But if a “brother” wears tight jeans, low hanging jeans (you know what I mean), or basketball shirts showing off their pectorals, and chest hair, their reaction is very different- something like “ working out brother?” or, “looking good, brother!”.

But the sisters are not as lucky. They must not have even a tiny slip or else they bring bad name to the religion!

I can never get over this hypocrisy.

The set of verses that call for code of modesty in the Qur’an (noted above) actually address the men FIRST, a fact lost upon these eager men.

Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and to be mindful of their chastity: this will be most conducive to their purity—(and) verily, God is aware of all that they do. 24:30

According to these verses, men and women have equal responsibility to maintain modesty and being chaste. The double standards for men and women seem more rooted in culture than religious teachings.

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