What To Do When You Think Your Teen Has Lost the Faith

What To Do When You Think Your Teen Has Lost the Faith December 19, 2017

1 What To Do When You Think Your Teen Has Lost the Faith Shaunti Feldhahn

Your 15-year old son begins complaining about going to church on Saturday night and doesn’t quit even after you’ve forced him to go on Sunday morning. He’s always loved church and he has plenty of friends. You ask him to pray about it and he tells you matter-of-factly that he doesn’t even know if he believes God answers prayer. What’s happening? Is it time to panic?

This is definitely a subject that has worried many a parent over the years. Your sweet, church-loving child hits a certain age when suddenly he starts questioning everything your family believes in. But while this might look like (and certainly feel like!) rejection, it may not be. Something else very important may be going on – and it is also important to handle it correctly!

Here are some things you need to know when you’re worried about your teens’ faith:

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  • PMark

    It happened with both our teenage boys. When they reached about fifteen years old, they each told us one Sunday when that they didn’t want to go to church with us. We asked them very seriously, is that what you really want? Are you really sure? They both said, “Yes”. We then said, “Okay then, it’s your choice”, and we went to church without them.

    They both reported that the time they spent at home that Sunday was a truly miserable time for them. Neither one of them did it again.