Do you have a teen or pre-teen daughter at home? Ever gotten frustrated at her “drama queen” episodes? I’ve had so many moms and dads ask me what to do in those situations since, they say, they don’t want to be manipulated, enabling, or escalate an already bad trend. Read more

Normally around Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to tell your special someone why you love them. Today, I want to share examples of why I love YOU, my readers. And just so you know: there’s a reason I’m doing this, beyond just a way to say thank you! As I’ve done the various research studies, I’ve seen that ALL of us need encouragement to keep doing the routine, good things that make relationships better. That make life better. We usually… Read more

In more than a decade of research with thousands of men and boys over the years, one thing has stood out: the power of a mom’s words can build up her son or (accidentally) tear him down. Read more

Lynn and her husband, Dan, have been married for 20 years and their youngest son is leaving for college in the fall. Over the years, between busy careers and kids’ extracurricular activities, Lynn and Dan just kind of . . . drifted. But not drifting in a pleasant, easy-breezy way; they’re basically living separate lives far apart from each other—just under the same roof. The truth of the matter is that Lynn and Dan feel anything but easy-breezy in their… Read more

In more than a dozen years of research about how guys privately think about things like sex and porn use, I’ve seen a striking pattern. While nearly all men are visually tempted today, and many hate and struggle against the temptation, most of those same men also think their porn use has nothing to do with their wives. They may feel awful about it, but they really don’t understand why their wives would. As one man summarized, “Sometimes I deal… Read more

A friend told me recently that she and her husband were heading to meet some friends at a new restaurant, and having fun until her husband tried to guess his way there.  (“I know it’s across the river, and where that neighborhood is….  Let’s see if I can find it!”) In this day of a million map and direction apps, my friend was flabbergasted that her husband refused to use any of them! She got cold sweats as the minutes… Read more

Women sometimes feel like the only reason men walk away is that they are angry with us and simply don’t want to talk because of that. We couldn’t be more wrong. Read more

Men, here’s the bottom line: practice studying your wife. Don’t roll your eyes whenever you see what feels like a test. The reasons go far deeper than that. Read more

It’s easy to be skeptical, but you have to put aside your cynicism and be willing to believe that most men are men of goodwill who deeply love their wives. Read more

Ladies, these three toxic phrases should be at the top of the list for “What NOT to say to your man” if you want a happy marriage. Read more

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