March 19, 2020

While we’re all working to “flatten the curve” on COVID-19, I want to challenge all of us to “raise the curve” on kindness!  We are starting a major 30-Day Kindness Challenge initiative on Friday March 20, 2020; please join us in doing it for one or more important people in your life! (See below for how.) We will do a “Raise the Curve on Kindness 30-Day Kindness Challenge” over social media and on a special page on our regular website,… Read more

March 13, 2020

The coronavirus is all anyone is talking about . . . and we have a choice to make. Two decades ago, we had a choice to make in another time of great uncertainty. With the impending approach of Y2K, would we respond in faith or fear? I argued then that this was an incredibly important moment for a balanced Christian response. Neither downplaying nor running for the hills. Not getting trapped in making predictions, but preparing to be a blessing… Read more

March 3, 2020

Today’s the day! We are so excited to announce our latest research-based book! Jeff and I finally tackled that issue that causes issues in SO many marriages: MONEY. The book is Thriving in Love & Money: 5 Game-Changing Insights about Your Relationship, Your Money, and Yourself—and as many of you might guess, we’re tackling it in a very different way. We don’t discuss budgeting, getting out of debt or money management. Instead, it’s all about how to have a great… Read more

February 28, 2020

Every few months, it seems, we head to the movies for the latest adventures of our favorite superheroes. (We will admit that the Feldhahn clan falls into the Marvel mega-fan category.)  When our son was six, his superhero of choice was Superman. He wore the capes, his action figures littering the floor of our playroom. But one day he suddenly felt like he was old enough to ask us the question he must have known the answer to: “Is Superman real?”… Read more

February 21, 2020

Believe it or not, the answer is not announcing, “A free day off school!” (Although I’m sure that would work too!) The answer is far more subtle—and much more profound. There is so much going on in your child’s head and heart that they find hard to explain, and which is SO easy for us to miss. And yet once you take these simple steps it speaks volumes to them. (This is especially the case if they are teens or… Read more

February 14, 2020

Last weekend, watching the Super Bowl, I was struck by two things: First, of course, is that my childhood football team won! (I was born in Kansas City, and even though I didn’t grow up there, my Grandpa had season tickets to the Chiefs. I eagerly went every chance I got!) But second, during the commercials (which I watched with just as much interest as the game), there were a lot of heart-warming moments. Not just funny or edgy—but truly,… Read more

February 4, 2020

If (like most people) you made some New Year’s resolutions this year, maybe one of them had to do with improving your relationship with your spouse. Wanting to love the most important person in our life well and “do better” in our marriage is a noble thing. But you’ve probably already discovered that moving from the goal (“I’m going to be sweet to my man 24/7”) to the reality (“Is this your towel on the bathroom floor? Again?”) isn’t easy. … Read more

January 31, 2020

It’s funny. When Jeff and I speak at marriage conferences, or when I speak at women’s events, it is extremely common for a man to come up to us with a particular LOOK in his eyes as he is about to open his mouth to say something. It is hard to describe the look, but when I see it, I know exactly what he is going to say. The look is part grateful, part absolutely bemused and part the look… Read more

January 23, 2020

Hi friends! I am thrilled to announce that our next book is about to be published – and we are seeking those who want to be part of our launch team!  Three years and thousands of surveys and prayers later, Jeff and I are so excited to announce that Thriving in Love and Money: 5 Game-Changing Insights About Your Relationship, Your Money and Yourself will be released March 3.  We’re looking for people who can join our launch team to… Read more

January 21, 2020

My friend was browsing at a Goodwill outside Atlanta, when she spotted a book (Really Bad Girls of the Bible) she had been wanting to read. Later, imagine her surprise when she saw a short note from the previous owner, tucked carefully between the pages. Except… it wasn’t from the owner, but the previous owner’s husband.  It wasn’t long, just 7 sentences. And it was stumbling and awkward in spots. But it was clearly one average husband’s attempt to put into… Read more

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