October 9, 2019

Dear Guys, This letter is to all you young men who are trying to show care, honor, and respect to the girls and women in your lives—in your actions, words, and in your private thoughts. I know you’re out there because I have a teenage son who strives for that, and I’ve spoken to thousands of you who just want to do the right thing. I also know the “private thoughts” part of it is not always easy today. Yes,… Read more

September 30, 2019

Did you know that my devotional, Find Peace: A 40-day Devotional For Moms is 6 months old? This devotional is so special to me because it was born out of a conversation with a dear friend of mine. She felt a deep burden that mothers—especially moms in the midst of unexpected or ongoing struggles in parenting—desperately need to know the peace of Jesus.  Have you read Find Peace? If so, I need your help! If it has made a difference… Read more

September 26, 2019

Hi friends! I wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on lately. I know a lot of you were aware that for a long time I was in Cave Mode working on the next book. Well, I’m excited to announce that I’m out of Cave Mode because the book is in! Woohoo! (Can you hear my staff cheering with happiness as well?!) The book—Thriving in Love & Money: 5 Game-Changing Insights about Your Relationship, Your Money, and… Read more

September 13, 2019

Summer is over and school is back in session! (Although here in the South, we’re still in the high 90’s and feeling nowhere near fall-like!) And our teens, like it or not, are back in the routine of middle or high school. Backpacks have been broken in, lunchboxes/headphones/power cords/permission slips have already been lost (and hopefully found) and afterschool activities and clubs are in full swing. So, are your kids coming home and filling you in on all the little… Read more

September 5, 2019

I live in the South, and Southerners take their college football very seriously. This time of year, it seems every car either boasts an SEC flag, or (from all the gleeful transplants living here) one from a rival conference. Allegiances are proclaimed on every jersey and T-shirt and Sunday sermon. Our own family are diehard fans of University of Michigan (my husband’s alma mater) and we have spent many glorious Saturdays (and some not-so-glorious ones) shouting at the television and… Read more

August 20, 2019

What would you say if I told you that you could do one thing tonight in the bedroom for your husband that would most likely MAKE HIS DAY (or week or month)?   Keep the lights on during sex. Did I just hear a collective gasp out there from women who are cringing at the thought of exposing, well . . . we all know what we don’t love exposing! Especially after several years and babies and let’s be honest—gravity…. Read more

August 7, 2019

Dear Girls, Can we have an honest conversation about something that might be a little awkward? It’s not about sex . . . at least directly. But it is about boys and sex and what they think when they see girls, and all the images that swirl around in their brains. It’s an especially important conversation because, as I was scrolling through social media the other day, I couldn’t help but feel a burden for you when I saw picture… Read more

August 5, 2019

As I’m sure is the case with all of you, Jeff and I have been struggling these last few days with the heartbreak coming out of El Paso and Dayton. We have spent significant amounts of time in both communities, for many speaking trips and a major research trip to El Paso last year for our current book project. To those in those communities we want to say: we are so, so sorry. Our hearts are with you, and they… Read more

July 31, 2019

We are approaching wedding season! April, May and June are filled with shopping the registries, excitement for friends, and final preparations for an awesome day for a beautiful bride and groom. And yet . . . even as they prepare for a lifetime together, how many times will that bride and groom (or the rest of us) hear those sneakily discouraging statistics that make them wonder whether a lifetime together is possible? (Even, perhaps, at the wedding, the well-meaning officiant… Read more

July 11, 2019

Dear Shaunti: I just got married to a great guy who has always loved my inquisitive, problem-solving nature. Or at least he used to. Lately, he has been getting more and more annoyed with it. He shuts down so easily. Or if I ask a simple question he acts as if it is the ultimate disloyalty. For example, our landlord has been giving us grief and is unfairly threatening to throw us out, and today when my husband suggested an… Read more

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