August 5, 2019

As I’m sure is the case with all of you, Jeff and I have been struggling these last few days with the heartbreak coming out of El Paso and Dayton. We have spent significant amounts of time in both communities, for many speaking trips and a major research trip to El Paso last year for our current book project. To those in those communities we want to say: we are so, so sorry. Our hearts are with you, and they… Read more

July 11, 2019

Dear Shaunti: I just got married to a great guy who has always loved my inquisitive, problem-solving nature. Or at least he used to. Lately, he has been getting more and more annoyed with it. He shuts down so easily. Or if I ask a simple question he acts as if it is the ultimate disloyalty. For example, our landlord has been giving us grief and is unfairly threatening to throw us out, and today when my husband suggested an… Read more

July 9, 2019

The most recent political campaign really did a number on civil political conversation—among friends, Facebook “friends,” family members, and even between husbands and wives. Many of us couldn’t wait for the election to be over, so some of the division and rancor could stop. But instead of a return to civil public discourse since the election, it seems to have gotten worse. Of course there’s value to impassioned ideals and strongly held convictions. It’s when the expression of those opinions—and… Read more

June 19, 2019

My first job out of college was working on Capitol Hill, and in one early project I had to coordinate getting information from a lot of decision makers. So to make sure nothing got dropped, I also needed to ask a lot of questions. I worked closely with Ryan, another guy my age. We started off with a fine relationship. But as the project went on, he didn’t seem to like me very much. He became quite short with me… Read more

June 12, 2019

As Leslie settled into bed, more than ready for a good night’s sleep, Todd walked into the bedroom and gave her “the look” she knew so well—the sly grin and twinkle in his eye that meant he had romance on his mind. Leslie tried not to let a sigh slip out. After running afternoon carpool, juggling karate and ballet lessons, making dinner, helping with homework, and returning work emails, she was so exhausted that she had zero interest in sex…. Read more

June 5, 2019

Matt and Jessie never used to fight, but there have been a lot of arguments, or almost-arguments, the last few months. Matt is on the verge of losing his job due to a restructuring at his company, and they have three kids under the age of five. So he’s tense and on edge all the time, and little irritations tend to blow up into arguments. Jessie can’t stand the kids being around that. And she hates conflict in general, so… Read more

May 31, 2019

Recently, a man at one of my conferences spoke up about a marital issue that had been bubbling up for a few months. He works long hours in a high-stress job, and his wife texted or called him several times a day to talk about small matters such as dinner plans or what happened on the playground that day with their preschool-aged daughter. As he talked, I realized that he was getting frustrated because he thought she was bothering him… Read more

May 11, 2019

If you knew my mom, you would pretty quickly notice a few things about her. She can wander into any kitchen and wander out again with a stellar five-course meal. She writes amazing music; folk songs, lullabies, and astoundingly beautiful choir music for churches. And she is small but mighty. Even at 4’10” and 90 lbs she was a giant among those in the rural Rescue Squad where she served for many years, until last fall when she and my… Read more

May 8, 2019

Hey everybody! I want to announce something very exciting that we have been working on for a year now. This new project is the culmination of months of work and partnership with my friends at FamilyLife. I love drumrolls so . . . drumroll please!  We are launching a new podcast called “Questions Every Wife Is Asking!”  FamilyLife is full steam ahead in launching a series of podcasts—one of which is specifically targeted at marriage, called “Married With Benefits” (isn’t… Read more

April 26, 2019

Things have been busy around here but I needed to take a moment to tell you some wonderful news! I am excited to announce that my second devotional from iDisciple is HERE! It is a project near and dear to my heart—and I’m thrilled to let you know it is especially written for mothers (and just in time for Mother’s Day! It’s called Find Peace: A 40-day Devotional Journey for Moms and I’m so proud to add it to what… Read more

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