Secret #7 to a Highly Happy Marriage: Sign Language to Reconnect

Marriages aren’t made or broken through dramatic gestures. It’s the small, everyday actions and choices that determine success and happiness. Learn more about what the happiest couples do in The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages. In Secret #7 to a highly happy marriage, the happiest spouses I researched identified a secret signal or language [Read More…]

Men: Want to make your wife insanely happy? Try this one phrase.

Men: Want to make your wife insanely happy? Try this one phrase. The man sidled up to me at one of our recent marriage conferences, and was clearly trying to ask a question before his wife noticed.  “So I say ‘I love you’ a lot,” he explained in a low voice, “But it seems to [Read More…]

Secret #6 to a Highly Happy Marriage: Have Factual Fantasies

Author Shaunti Feldhahn talks about Secret #6 to a highly happy marriage. The happiest spouses she researched recognize when their expectations are pure fantasy and stop themselves from thinking things like, “If he/she really love me, he/she would …” Instead they shift to being grateful for the ways their pluses are uniquely wired, and the ways they can and do meet their needs well. [Read more…]

Four reasons your man says “I don’t need help” – even when he does

Ladies, whether it is refusing to admit he needs to go to the doctor, or claiming that he knows where he’s going even when he’s clearly lost, a man usually defaults to insisting that he’s fine, it’s all good, he doesn’t need help.  Even when we might insist otherwise. My research with men for For [Read More…]

POLL and RESULTS: What do you think about Kardashian’s nude selfie?

Earlier, I wrote a piece about how this culture is seriously messed up when it comes to women’s bodies. Then, I asked you what YOU thought. [Read more…]

A sincere plea from someone who doesn’t want to see Kardashian’s nude selfie but isn’t a “slut shamer”

In today’s culture, you are either a “slut shamer” or “celebrating a woman’s body” through nude selfies. Isn’t there middle ground? [Read more…]

3 Lies You Can’t Let Your Son Believe About Himself

As both a social researcher who has interviewed and surveyed thousands of boys and a mom of a son, I’ve seen three common – and very harmful –things boys tend to believe about themselves.   Mom and Dad, keep an eye out, so you can knock down this nonsense whenever it rears its ugly head! 1. [Read More…]