Does Your Kid Make You Feel Like You Can Do Nothing Right?

(a special guest post by Debbie Hitchcock) Last week I felt like everything I did for one of my kids was met with sarcasm, frustration, or anger. The typical jokes we had between us, the acts of kindness I did, and… Read more

Want a happy marriage? 3 Ways to Nix All Marriage Negativity

There’s a couple I know who just seems to have their act together. They’re a joy to be around and it’s obvious that they genuinely like being around each other, too! No, they’re not perfect (they have kids and jobs… Read more

How to Help Your Son Fight These Three Dangerous Lies

As both a social researcher who has interviewed and surveyed thousands of boys and a mom of a son, I’ve seen three common – and very harmful –things boys tend to believe about themselves. Mom and Dad, keep an eye out,… Read more

Motive Matters: Believing the Best of Your Spouse

Dear Shaunti, In one of your books, you say it’s important to believe the best of your spouse’s intentions. But all that does is give your spouse license to hurt you again and again without consequences. Who cares what their… Read more

3 Surprising Reasons to Initiate Sex With Your Man

Although this article is for women, I’m sure some astonished men are looking in, and asking, “What do you mean why you should initiate sex?!” To guys, the answer is completely obvious! It reminds me of that line from the… Read more

How to Fix Teenage Attitude Problems …. Without Losing It

Not that this ever happens to you. But every now and then our kids (girls and boys) might perhaps display a little attitude. Perhaps it’s an eye roll, a derisive tone, a sudden disrespectful temper. Whatever it is, it’s almost guaranteed… Read more

How Healthy He Is Matters to Her

I don’t think there are many who would be surprised to hear that in my interviews and surveys with over 1,000 men for my book For Women Only, men emphatically stated that it had an emotional impact to see that their wife was making an effort to take care of herself for him. It makes a guy feel loved because she obviously wants to be attractive to him. They don’t expect their wives to look like supermodels, but the care… Read more

Want More Romance? The 4 Things That Should Be On Your “Don’t Do” List

Who doesn’t love a good “To Do” list? I make them for everything…chores around the house, work related projects, doctor’s appointments — even things to put on future “To Do” lists! (Yes, I know that is a bit OCD…) But… Read more

Kiss and Make Up? Not So Fast.

So, guys, you’ve just had a big fight with your wife and now you’re ready to cool off and mend the relationship. What better way to make up than to spend a little intimate time together, right? Just one little… Read more

Wives, Fill Up Your Husband’s Mental Instagram

Dear Shaunti: I read your book, For Women Only, and one thing you said scared me. You explained how men can’t not notice a woman with a good figure, but that many men try to look away so they don’t… Read more

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