Most likely, hiding beneath the money behavior that is driving you nuts is a man who wants desperately to provide a good life for you, and to love you well. Read more

Sex is not just a physical need — it’s also about emotions. Here are three things he’s not saying out loud when he comes to you for sex. Read more

As one final look back at 2017 (for those of us who can’t believe it’s already 2018), here is a recap of the top articles from my blog last year. Read more

I’m spending Christmas break with my family in one of my favorite places: the beautiful log cabin my parents built in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. Read more

I was thinking “This is so cheesy… why do I like it so much?” Why do those cheesy, romantic plot lines centering on a prince appeal to us that much? Read more

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Only this many shopping days ‘til Christmas to buy those important gifts. Sale. Sale. Sale. And then you turn on the television and see those luxury car commercials. You know — the ones that show a sparkling new expensive car in the driveway with a humongous red bow and a blissful loved one. First question: Who gives a car for Christmas?! Second question: Even if you don’t give a car,… Read more

Your 15-year old son begins complaining about going to church on Saturday night and doesn’t quit even after you’ve forced him to go on Sunday morning. He’s always loved church and he has plenty of friends. You ask him to pray about it and he tells you matter-of-factly that he doesn’t even know if he believes God answers prayer. What’s happening? Is it time to panic? This is definitely a subject that has worried many a parent over the years…. Read more

When you’re disappointed with your spouse (no matter what the reason), try practicing these three things before you escalate into an argument. Read more

Sexual harassment has always been there, in the shadowy corners of Hollywood and corporate America. But #MeToo & the Harvey Weinstein case flipped a switch. Read more

I discovered that the sources for the “70% percent of second marriages end in divorce” stat don’t exist. The truth is is much better. Read more

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