Big Fight? What Every Husband Needs to Know

Men, have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated when, after a fight with your wife, she seems to doubt your relationship and commitment? It made perfect sense to you that you stopped talking to her when you were mad. You… Read more

How to Respect Your Husband When You Really Don’t Trust Him

Dear Shaunti, I recently read For Women Only and I now realize how important it is for my husband to know I respect him – which I do. But I come from a long line of “strong women” (as my dad puts… Read more

Hurricane Hotties?

In the midst of so much deep hurricane news, can I tell you how happy this latest viral silliness made me and my teenage daughter – and apparently millions of other people? More than 100,000 comments have been posted on a simple selfie by some Gainesville, Florida police officers.  The men were getting ready to go about their duties for Hurricane Irma cleanup, and women readers quickly noticed that these were some seriously good-looking officers. Quickly, the Gainesville PD Facebook… Read more

How to Stop Male Co-Workers’ Resentment … When You Work Flex-Time

Dear Shaunti,  I work full-time, have 3 small children and work a flex schedule. This works really well for my family but my male co-workers get frustrated when they can’t reach me during traditional office hours. I’m getting all my… Read more

The Shock Value of the Competent Dad

I remember a couple of years ago around Mother’s Day, Jeff and I were watching television one night when we saw a commercial for Publix, one of the big grocery-store chains in our area. The television ad showed several scenes… Read more

Are Legos Just for Boys? It’s Complicated

One of the things that years of research with men and women, boys and girls, has taught me is that the genders are just (gasp!) different. It always stuns me when people push back against this idea – as if… Read more

Husband-Speak: How to Transform His World With Your Words

Imagine a springtime shower without the gentle sound of rain. Or a baseball game without that CRACK of the bat. Or imagine a world where children smile but don’t laugh, friends wave but don’t speak, dogs don’t bark and birds… Read more

The Foreign Culture of a Man’s Mind and How to Navigate It 

Sometimes working with men can be very much like working in an unknown culture. Read more

Make Sure Your Man Is One of the 25%

Ladies, do you love your husband, but find yourself regularly irritated by that little thing that he does? He’s a great guy and all, but Ugh! If he would only stop parking in the mud when he takes the kids… Read more

The Secret to Living With Purpose Every Day

As a busy analyst, author, and speaker my days are full so it can be easy to lose track of time. As a wife to my husband, Jeff and a mom to our two great kids, I have to protect… Read more

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