Our society is tired. Dog tired. And women, specifically, seem to be the most tired of all. That’s why we are tempted by the latest and greatest pill, potion, powder, or diet that will give us more energy. Am I right, ladies? Still, no matter what solution we try, the exhaustion and discontent still sink back in. Well, I have something exciting to share! I’ve been working on a very personal project unlike anything I’ve done before, and it’s about… Read more

My friend Michelle once told me about a Valentine’s Day a couple years ago when her husband’s less-than-romantic gift left her feeling a bit hurt. She was hoping for flowers and a date night out. You know what the gift was? A vacuum! While I am sure he meant well because they needed a vacuum, he ended up making her feel less like a woman and more like a maid. How about you? Been daydreaming about that romantic gesture that… Read more

The daddy/daughter dances. The skinned knees and kissed boo-boos. Watching recitals, cheering at games, drying tears after first break-ups. Dads, we know you love your daughter. And you know you love your daughter. But there’s something you might not know: just how much your daughter needs to hear it! In the research with teens and preteens for For Parents Only, I found that these several key phrases have a lot more impact on the heart of a girl than you might think…. Read more

We all want happy marriages. You want to love hanging out with your husband every day. But for that to happen, you need to completely change how you speak about him every day —not just to him but to others. Read more

The movie Lily’s husband had picked out for them to watch made her hoot with laughter—for all the wrong reasons. She jokingly critiqued the bad script, the bad acting, and the lame special effects throughout. “Well that was a real five-star selection!” she smirked as they cut off the ending credits. Nick shrugged sheepishly and said, “All right then, next week the choice is on you—and you’d better like it!” Humor can be a sign and expression of intimacy in… Read more

So men, here’s the key that will unlock the door to your wife’s confidence and security: pursue the lifelong practice of studying your beloved, then put what you learn to work. Read more

Most of us think that letting a little steam out of the kettle now prevents it from exploding later, right? And taking a few minutes to vent just feels quite satisfying when we have steam pouring out of our ears. As it turns out, though, doing this actually hurts instead of helps. Read more

We value freedom, but in our research with teens we discovered that it is far more than just a “value.” At this stage of their lives, it is THE value. In fact, it is so motivating, so powerful, that to many teens it becomes like a drug — one that they are even willing to lie to their parents to keep. Read more

There are definite reasons wives keep checking in on the state of their marriage relationship and guys, it’s important to be aware of what might be triggering your wife and her insecurity. Read more

Do you have a teen or pre-teen daughter at home? Ever gotten frustrated at her “drama queen” episodes? I’ve had so many moms and dads ask me what to do in those situations since, they say, they don’t want to be manipulated, enabling, or escalate an already bad trend. Read more

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