4 Reasons Your Teen Needs You To Be the Parent (Not a Friend)

4 Reasons Your Teen Needs You To Be the Parent (Not a Friend) March 23, 2018

As parents, we’ve all probably experienced the classic toddler temper tantrum—complete with them collapsing on the floor (usually a dirty one and most likely in a public place) while kicking and screaming the ever-enjoyable statement: you’re not the boss of me! Fast forward to the teen years. Thank goodness we’re not peeling our young adult children off the mall bathroom floor but the idea that we are still the “boss” can be an issue. Instead of a temper tantrum, we may witness the eye roll. Or arguing about rules. Or being annoyed that we’re checking in on homework and grades. But here’s a surprise for every beleaguered parent: No matter how much your teen might resist rules and get enraged at enforcement, they secretly want you to be in charge. And I can prove it to you.

Based on my national surveys of thousands of teenagers for my book For Parents Only, here are 4 reasons why teens need you to be the parent (and not a friend):

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