Men. Women. Money. What Could Go Wrong?

Men. Women. Money. What Could Go Wrong? May 19, 2018

It’s Not About The Money

Our previous research for For Women Only and For Men Only identified crucial things we need to know about each other as men and women—and those differences impact our responses to money as well. So our first product with brightpeak is our brand-new video experience for couples, called Men, Women, & Money. Done in a Master Class format with 3 younger couples, this experience helps men and women understand what is really going on under the surface and use that understanding to prevent and solve money misunderstandings and issues. Once we have those “aha moments” about each other, we don’t have to have those frustrations ever again! 

Because here’s the thing. That argument you and your spouse get into about buying this or saving that? It’s not about the money. It is about all that stuff under the surface, regardless of who the “spender” or the “saver” is in the relationship. (Which, by the way, does not appear to be gender related.)  

So what is going on under the surface? 

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  • ElectricStrawberry

    I wish it was as simple as you mentioned in your article. My wife and I have been married for 49 years, and yes we have a monumental financial crises and it’s not about buying much of anything as it is a raising grandkids for the past 30 years and still have two more to go. It’s how we have rearranged our lives that has changed our lives. We both are in our 70’s I’m still having to work and yes I am scared that at some point I won’t be able to continue to support our extended family. Your articles seem to address the younger rather than the older couples that struggle with issues such as financial. There is this growing phenomenon where more and more grandparents are raising grandchildren and yet have not heard any addressing of this issue. I suspect the reason for that is that is to complex of an issue to attempt the addressing. Not only has the raising of grandkids placed a financial burden on us but an even more greater emotional burden on us. The work I do takes me away from home two weeks at a time then i’m home for two weeks. It’s that two weeks away that makes it difficult, my wife is trying to stay calm but when we talk she is at the most time at the end of her rope. There is much to say about our situation more than that can be said here. Some our financial decisions could been more thoughtful I’m sure but it is what it is. Well any way, maybe the rest of the story some other time. I do however really enjoy your articles and keep an archive of them to re-read at times.