Your Husband Wants You To Know THIS About Your Sex Life

Your Husband Wants You To Know THIS About Your Sex Life May 30, 2018

There’s probably something your husband desperately wants you to know about your sex life. Drum roll please! The next time you are intimate with your husband, he’d like you to . . . keep the lights on. Yes, you heard me right! I know the idea is scary for many women but hear me out. In all my years of researching the things our husbands wish we knew but don’t know how to say, I heard the heart behind this wish—and saw 5 surprising reasons to take the risk of keeping those lights ON:

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  • CJ

    This article just makes me sad as a husband.

  • clanhamilton

    I’m frankly disgusted with this article in the midst of major social change regarding inequity between the sexes. You could at least have included women and what they want. But no. This is tone deaf.

  • emergingguy

    women want the lights off – you missed that! Its all about the women/wife the man/husband doesn’t matter – right!?

  • JR

    I love your writings and have read your books but what saddens me is my wife is completely indifferent to sex or marital intimacy. She has no desire to read about anything marriage and definitely not anything sex. She says I am a good, faithful and kind husband but she is just indifferent to anything affectionate or intimate. If we do have sex, her favorite phrase is “make it quick.” I am just so sick of her total indifference and me being the only one who actually cares. She says I am “high maintenance” because I want affection from her and long for her tenderness. She holds ALL the cards and knows it. I see no reason from her standpoint to change. She has complete control and knows I will never cheat or leave her. She does not want to dig into why she is indifferent but she guesses it is her medicines. She has no desire to change or improve things. She will never read your books even though I have bought them for her. She sees marital intimacy has the last thing on her list of priorities and I am being immature by pushing it. Affection and intimacy in marriage are not as important as kids and keeping the house clean. I have yet to figure out how to overcome complete indifference.