This One Sneaky Little Habit Could Hurt Your Marriage

This One Sneaky Little Habit Could Hurt Your Marriage July 27, 2018

Sitting on the couch watching TV while her husband Jared gets a snack from the kitchen, Carla sees his phone sitting on the coffee table and wonders if she has enough time to take a quick peek at it before he gets back. It’s not suspicion or paranoia, she tells herself—it’s just curiosity. Jared’s been texting up a storm since dinner. She doesn’t want to come out and ask him, but she’s dying to know: who has he been texting and what’s it about?

Jared is the best person Carla knows: he’s funny, warm, affectionate, and a hard worker. He’s a great provider for her and the kids. She has no reason to suspect him of anything at all. In fact, she’s sure he’s never even considered cheating on her. But she’s extremely curious about who he emails and texts. If they’re together and his phone chimes, it’s almost impossible for her not to ask who it is, even though her questions have started to really bother him.

How about you? Do you struggle with a desire to read your husband’s texts and emails? Do you wonder if it will really hurt anything if you do a little checking that he’ll never even know about, just for your peace of mind?

Here are some thoughts on what you—and Carla—can and should do to address this issue… before it becomes a problem.

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  • Vishnu Murthy

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  • CJ

    I have to take issue with this. In the technology era we live in with texting, messaging, e-mailing and social media — these forms of communication are now leading to rampant affairs. It was only after continually confronting my wife — and finally having to check texting records — that exposed her 2-year affair with our church’s youth pastor. And it was mainly done via her smartphone. So holding your spouse accountable and to be transparent in this Digital Age we live in, has got to happen or you are just leading your marriage down a very bad path.

  • Beth Dunn

    I agree, my husband has to keep his phone locked at work so he doesnt re-dial a client. However its locked at home as well. He was asleep one afternoon, and I was sitting beside him, when he got a Facebook message from a woman I had never heard of and the first line was, “Where is Our relationship going?” Needless to say it caught my attention! Without unlocking his phone(I don’t know how) i could read the message, which made it obvious they were in a romantic relationship.
    I confronted him and he admitted it, but lied about some details and blamed me.
    That was mid April, and we are still rebuilding our marriage from the ground up. But be aware, I had unconditional trust in him, but if your spouse’s phone/laptop is locked its okay, but ask for the password. If they offer it up, you probably don’t need to go through it!