Your Wife Needs You to Tell Her She’s Beautiful

Your Wife Needs You to Tell Her She’s Beautiful November 19, 2018

Wives want to know that they’re beautiful to their husbands.

You may be surprised to learn that even the most secure-looking, confident women are still very much little girls inside. Even as adult women we’re asking the most important man in our life: “Do you think I’m pretty?” On my surveys of women, it’s clear that most of us have a deep desire to know that even after years of marriage, we are still beautiful to our husbands. And that need never goes away. Maybe your wife did herself all up, spent a lot of time on hair and makeup, or bought a new outfit to make your eyes pop. And if she didn’t see your eyes pop or hear any words of acknowledgment, she probably feels like if you don’t really find her beautiful after all of that effort, you never will.

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  • Inquiring Brain

    Tell her she’s beautiful? I used to. But after a few years of being ignored and rejected it seemed fruitless. In the past few months I’ve been told my abdomen is the most disgusting thing she’s seen (although hers is the same size or bigger) and that in general I’m repulsive.
    That in spite of treating her nice, buying her flowers about every other week, candy, helping with the house, etc. Plus sexual contact a couple times in the last year. Always a reason why not.
    At first I tried to keep the compliments going, but she does not seem to care.
    Unfortunately it’s not always that simple.

  • John Lee Pettimore

    Sounds toxic. But, friend, you own some of this. Sounds like you’ve let yourself go and become undesirable physically (and maybe emotionally) in her eyes.

    Take your focus off her. Become the best you that you can be. She’ll come around…or you’ll be ready for the next one. Win/win either way.

  • Inquiring Brain

    First of all, the focus is off her. Second, I am not looking for a “next one”. Third, she has no intention of coming around.

    There is much more to the story, but it gets a little long. I don’t expect you to make an appropriate reply since you don’t have all the information. The marriage started based on a hidden agenda that I was unaware of.

    The point is, many things are expected of men that are not expected of women. If women do not meet expectations then it’s ok because, well, they’re women. If men do not meet expectations we are pigs.

  • John Lee Pettimore

    Sounds like you have your mind made up.

    Fair seas, friend….

  • Inquiring Brain

    I accept reality. I am open to any improvements that can be made. It takes two.