The Best Thing My Mother Has Ever Done For Me

The Best Thing My Mother Has Ever Done For Me May 11, 2019

If you knew my mom, you would pretty quickly notice a few things about her. She can wander into any kitchen and wander out again with a stellar five-course meal. She writes amazing music; folk songs, lullabies, and astoundingly beautiful choir music for churches. And she is small but mighty. Even at 4’10” and 90 lbs she was a giant among those in the rural Rescue Squad where she served for many years, until last fall when she and my father moved to be near us in Atlanta.

Of course, my mom is amazing but not perfect. None of us are. (I mean, how else can you explain her keeping her house a balmy 77 degrees year-round?!) But on this Mother’s Day, I’m reflecting on my mom and the one thing in particular that she’s done for me for which I’m the most thankful.

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