The Two Words Your Husband Needs

The Two Words Your Husband Needs May 1, 2019

After another heated argument, Josh and Hannah came back together with calmer attitudes to sort out what was going on. Lately they had been getting irritated with each other and they wanted to figure out why. Josh had been saying that Hannah doesn’t appreciate him, and she fiercely disagrees with that. But he says she never thanks him for things he does around the house like taking out the trash or mowing the lawn. Hannah certainly appreciates everything he does, but wonders why she’s expected to thank him for doing things that are his assigned chores. Between work and household responsibilities, she feels like she’s on duty 24/7 herself. So she just doesn’t get why he thinks he should constantly be thanked for doing his share.

If you experience the same kind of irritation toward your husband over the household chores, you’re not alone! I get asked about this all the time when I’m speaking at women’s conferences. But your frustration—and Hannah’s—arises because you have a misunderstanding about how men are wired and what is important to them.

Let me explain.

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