Join me for a Facebook Live with Katie Phillips on Friday, August 28 at 3pm (EST)!

Join me for a Facebook Live with Katie Phillips on Friday, August 28 at 3pm (EST)! August 27, 2020

Hey friends! Guess what I get to do on Friday?

I get to go to iDisciple Publishing and celebrate my friend on a Facebook Live!

As you already know, iDisciple Publishing has put out several of what we affectionately call “The Find Series”. Find Rest, Find Peace, Find Balance . . . and my next devotional will be out this fall—just in time for the holidays. But more on that later!

iDisciple Publishing is also now the new home to my Senior Writer and Editor, Katie Kenny Phillips. Katie has been my friend for years before joining my ministry team and has been involved in all the devotionals and works on special writing projects for me. And I couldn’t be happier that she is launching a series of children’s books with iDisciple Publishing—and I get to celebrate with her this week!

Her first book, God, You Make Me Feel Special, offers sweet conversations between children and God—and allows them to hear firsthand how much God loves them—even before their birthday! It has beautiful illustrations (what kid wouldn’t be crazy about this adorable sloth?!) and scripture in language little ones can understand. I can’t think of a better way for parents and grandparents to introduce a personal relationship with God to little ones. Katie has said these books are important because “Everyone—whether big or small—needs to know God made them on purpose and for a purpose.” That is why kids will say “God, you make me feel special!” after hearing it.

And even more exciting, there are two more in the series that will be out before Christmas! God, You Make Me Feel Loved (with a llama!) and God, You Make Me Feel Safe (with a hedgehog!) will be out soon.

So, I’m hoping you’ll do a couple things:

  • Preorder this book (It officially releases on Monday!) Whether you have little ones yourself, grandchildren, or need a meaningful baby shower gift, this book is a wonderful way to introduce your precious ones to the greatest source of love: their Heavenly Father.
  • Join the iDisciple Publishing Book Club Facebook page for a Facebook Live with both of us this Friday, August 28 at 3pm (EST). Hear some fun behind-the-scenes stories about how Katie and I met, hear more about the book, and I’m sure lots of laughs too.
  • Visit her on Instagram. She posts some of the funniest quotes from her kids (she has FIVE of them!) and gives updates on her upcoming children’s books (Hint: there are more to come!)

Thank you, friends. Hope to see you on Friday!


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