Planning Your (Delayed) Wedding? Focus on What Really Matters.

Planning Your (Delayed) Wedding? Focus on What Really Matters. September 12, 2020

A friend recently told me about her nephew’s much-delayed wedding. First, it was going to be in April 2020. Then when the pandemic shut everything down and their scattered family couldn’t safely gather, they postponed it to June. Then August. And now, my friend just reported, the couple has booked a date in November. But there’s one little difference—which is actually huge.

They’ve decided that will be the day no matter what. Even if some of their dearest family members have to listen in over Zoom, the two of them will be married that day.

What changed?

Somewhere along the way they realized the same thing that many other couples have discovered throughout history: As special as we want the wedding to be, what we most want is a special marriage. Which requires actually getting married, even if the day may look a bit different from the vision in our minds.

If you or someone you love is stressed about planning the perfect “big day,” disappointed by inevitable pandemic disruptions, or simply wanting to go into their wedding with the right focus, here are three steps that will make all the difference.

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