This Is What Makes Your Man Vulnerable—Be Aware And Take Care!

This Is What Makes Your Man Vulnerable—Be Aware And Take Care! November 17, 2020

Frustrated couple sitting on bed

An iceberg is typically 90% below the surface, with only 10% visible. Does your man ever seem like that iceberg, with so much hiding under the surface compared to the small portion you can actually see? Like many men, he probably doesn’t volunteer a whole lot about what he’s thinking and feeling deep down.

So if your husband’s mood turns a bit icy when you ask him certain questions, you can feel the chill, but you might not know why he’s responding in that way. You’re seeing the small visible portion—his response—without being aware of the thoughts and feelings that are submerged underneath. And you’re left wondering what’s going on.

In researching my book For Women Only, we learned a lot about what men are really thinking and feeling so I have a good idea what’s underneath your husband’s reaction. It’s a hidden vulnerability that goes to the very core of his being.

By understanding that vulnerability and being sensitive to it, you can build your man up in the way that he needs—and eliminate some of those chilly moments in your relationship.

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