Divorce Rates are NOT What You Think They Are!

Divorce Rates are NOT What You Think They Are! May 27, 2021

Divorce Rates are NOT What You Think They Are - Shaunti Feldhahn
Wedding season is here and it’s a time of hope and new beginnings. But while we are always happy for the bride and groom, there is also an undercurrent of concern out there for couples who are tying the knot.

You’ve probably heard the statistics that say half of marriages end in divorce—statistics that cause many brides and grooms (and the onlookers at their wedding) to wonder whether a happy lifelong marriage is likely, or even possible. And with those doubts clouding the air on the big day, what attitude or mindset is being established for the happy couple as they begin their journey of married life?

In our book The Good News About Marriage: Debunking Discouraging Myths about Marriage and Divorce, my Senior Researcher, Tally Whitehead, and I share encouraging news about the state of marriage in our country. It’s good news that must be spread far and wide—especially during wedding season—in order to reassure the brides and grooms we know, and to uphold the fact that the idea of love for a lifetime is not old-fashioned and it is possible!

So here are four encouraging facts about marriage we’d like to share with you.

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