This One Habit Will Be Game-Changing for Others … and Yourself!

This One Habit Will Be Game-Changing for Others … and Yourself! May 20, 2021

Kindness is a superpower. It can improve relationships, make life better, and transform our culture. And if you want to be a kind person, the quickest way to get there is to build a habit of praising others regularly. In fact, finding things to praise about the people in our lives is so important that it’s one of the three daily actions I shared in The Kindness Challenge that can make a huge difference in any relationship.

But here’s some surprising news: we aren’t actually as kind as we think we are! We may think we already have the habit of praising people … but we probably don’t. We don’t express affirmation nearly as often as we think.

The good news is the simple act of showing appreciation for people out loud is something we can learn to do. And it is part of building an atmosphere of kindness in our lives that has a major impact on everyone around us… and ourselves.

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