The Surprising Trick to Creating a Positive Cycle with Your Spouse

The Surprising Trick to Creating a Positive Cycle with Your Spouse October 12, 2021

A couple walks arm-in-arm along a leafy path

Marriage Trivia Question: Which leads to more satisfaction in marriage? When your spouse listens and comforts you during a bad time? Or when they show their delight when you share some good news? Or even . . . when they listen to a negative situation and try to find the positive in it?

Many of us might instinctively think that comforting our partner in pain has got to be most important, right? After all, it shows we care, it makes our spouse feel loved during a difficult time, and so on. No matter what, we probably assume, we should not risk alienating our spouse by showing positive reactions to negative situations.

Listening and empathizing is important, of course. But some surprising research has found that positive emotional responses toward our spouse—including about a negative experience—may have much more impact on relationship satisfaction in the long run.

So take a look at these fascinating findings and make some immediate adjustments for better marriages!

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