Need Rest? Finding It May Look Different for Men and Women

Need Rest? Finding It May Look Different for Men and Women September 20, 2022

Did you know that finding rest may look different for men and women? Even after all the research I’ve done, this was a new one for me. And yet in today’s world, where anxiety and stress are at unprecedented levels, understanding this truth is vital for us “weary and burdened” people to whom Jesus promises “rest for our souls.” (It is also a crucial truth for those mental-health professionals who are trying to help others find rest today!)

A few weeks back I was speaking as part of a Summer Series in Ocean City, NJ—a combination of Christian speakers and recording artists taking the stage near the beach on Sundays. I’ve been there several times, and love being able to offer encouragement to both local residents and folks on vacation. This time, I was asked to speak on “finding rest,” based on my devotional for women.

But guess what: It’s not only women who go to the beach! It would have been so easy to just give the “usual” talk with a few tweaks to include men, assuming that since everyone needs rest, everyone needs to find rest in the same way. And yet as I dove back into the research about what science and scripture says on the topic, something jumped out at me. Something that makes a great deal of difference in helping all of us find the rest Jesus promises.

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