The Benefits Of Not Getting Married Just To Get Married

The Benefits Of Not Getting Married Just To Get Married October 27, 2022

You’ll know yourself well.

This is far more important than you may realize. When you get married with a chunk of living already under your belt, you’ll know yourself well and have far more wisdom. When you know yourself, you know what you most need in a partner, and what just doesn’t matter as much. In other words, you have a greater ability to choose someone who’s a suitable complement to your values and personality, instead of the Mr. or Mrs. Wrong who seems so enticing. After all, when you’re a bit older, there’s no point in dating just to date. When you have more wisdom, you can steer toward those with the character qualities that make for a happy marriage.

You also know what you have to offer – both your strengths and your weaknesses. You’re (hopefully) wise enough to stop the posturing and posing that comes from youth and insecurity. Without that pretense, you can be more genuine with your partner. They’ll know the real you. Hopefully, your partner will be the same. And you’ll know what’s really important to both of you as you plan your future together.

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