Opening up and healing at the Pisces Full Moon September 8, 2014

Opening up and healing at the Pisces Full Moon September 8, 2014 September 8, 2014

Pisces Full MoonAn opposition from the Sun to Chiron (wounding and healing) on September 7th can open a window on a wounded aspect of ourselves to illuminate the darkness and help us to release the pain.  This process is not always comfortable: as I wrote earlier this month “Healing hurts, but not as much as not healing.”  When an old wound emerges we often want to escape from the discomfort that it brings, but if we can instead surround the feeling with light and welcome it into the present moment, it can become transformed and released.

This opening and healing energy is embedded in the chart of the Pisces Full Moon on September 8th when the Moon aligns with Chiron as it opposes the Sun.  The Moon represents our emotional heart and inner child, and as it aligns with Chiron these deep wounded feelings are much more likely to become more available as they emerge from the darkness of the subconscious. The Full Moon itself represents a polarity between the conscious presence of the Sun and the secret instincts of the Moon, so expect this Full Moon to bring out those secrets which we hide even from ourselves.

A quincunx (150 degree aspect) between Jupiter and Pluto can create a sense of frustration as we seek to expand (Jupiter) but are hindered by unseen boundaries and forces beyond our control (Pluto).  This aspect will be in force for a week or so before the Full Moon but we will notice it most fully when combined with the other lunar aspects.  Fortunately, Mercury (the mind and mental process) harmonizes in a sextile to Jupiter which will enable us to better understand on an intellectual level the emotional shifts that are occurring now, but with Mercury in a challenging square to Pluto at the Full Moon we may become more obsessive in our thinking and less able to flow between conscious understanding and emotional insights as needed now.

Venus opposes Neptune on the 10th, and this aspect is also a part of the Full Moon energies.  Venus and Neptune are somewhat related – I consider Neptune to be the “higher octave” expression of Venus.  Venus represents individual love and affection, where Neptune represents divine love and connection to our higher selves.  When Venus opposes Neptune our creative centers open and expand, and love flows freely.  However, because this is a more challenging aspect, we may lack discrimination and become lost in the flow.

Because this is a Pisces Full Moon, and Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, that Neptunian flow and creativity and divine inspiration is available in abundance right now.  This is wonderful for artists, writers and lovers, but during this time just know that it may be somewhat difficult to keep your feet planted on the ground and try not to make any permanent decisions until after the 11th when the Sun moves into a harmonious sextile to Saturn (structure and grounding).

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