The Kissyfish Guide To Venus in Pisces

The Kissyfish Guide To Venus in Pisces January 3, 2017

patheos matthew currie astrology venus in pisces squareVenus has entered Pisces, and will be there until February 3rd. Venus is the planet which astrologers associate most with love and material wealth, which is great. Of course, like anything else in life, too much of the wrong thing at the wrong time can be a bad thing, even Venus — just ask any diabetic. Venus also rules sugar.

Nonetheless, now is a time to be relatively optimistic about the state of your love and wallet. Venus is considered to be “exalted” when it is in Pisces — in other words, it does better work there than in any other Sign. But you’ll need some guidance to make the best use of this time, you’ll need to be realistic and practical. And in an attempt to be as realistic and practical as Venus in Pisces can be, I’ve called in an expert to help: Kissyfish, The Venus In Pisces Fish!


Of course, details will vary based on your personal birth chart (seen your horoscope for this month yet? CLICK HERE if you haven’t) and, just as importantly: how hard you work your thing. Venus in Pisces is pretty powerful, but she’d rather just lie back and look good and let the suitors come to her. The rest of us mortals? We’ve got to put some effort into it.

Here are the major events that will be happening while Venus is in Pisces. The aspects will be in effect for three or four days on either side of the date listed.


January 12th: Venus conjunct Neptune.
Venus in Pisces, joined to the planet that rules Pisces? Hoo hah! That’s a lot of dreaminess. Like, maybe too much. But hey, worst case scenario: if you’re a big fan of ill-conceived romances, meet-cute date movies, or completely ruining your diet, this could be Prime Time for you.

KISSYFISH SAYS: “I know this is completely unrealistic of me, but… you’re so beautiful! Come over to my place, and I’m sure you’ll learn to breathe underwater through the magic power of Love!”

January 20th: Venus sextile Pluto.
What this soft and sweet Venus placement needs sometimes is a little backbone. Pluto, on the other hand, has plenty of backbone but a tendency to go on uncontrollable rampages. How will these two forces get along when connected by a sextile? Yes, I know that sounds like the pitch for an “odd couple” romance, but it’s still kind of true. Still, if what your love life needs is a little bold and fearless action, this aspect can help. A lot.

KISSYFISH SAYS: “Hi, I know we just met, but my name is Kissyfish. How would you like to swim on over to the spawning grounds with me and fertilize my eggs?”

January 27th: Venus square Saturn.
Oh. Ouch. This can be a tough one. The square is a challenging aspect, and Saturn is notoriously chilly. This might be a better time for breaking love than for making it. On the other hand, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from romance novels and movies, it’s that True Love has to overcome some challenges sometimes.

KISSYFISH SAYS: “I know I said I’d leave everything to come and be with you in your ocean instead of mine — but I assumed that we meant the same thing by ocean.’ So could you please clean some of the algae out of this tank? It’s getting hard to breathe in here.”

February 3rd: Venus enters Aries

This will be a time when your romantic impulses —

KISSYFISH SAYS: “Screw this! I’m sick of being all cute and charming and hoping that does all the work for me. Hand me that fishing rod and that lure — I’m going out and gettin’ me some.”

A little imagination is all it takes to come up with something no one has thought of before… but is still amazingly wonderful.

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