Love Astrology Forecast, March 3-5, 2017 (Plus Romance Tips!)

Love Astrology Forecast, March 3-5, 2017 (Plus Romance Tips!) March 3, 2017

weekend love forecast bannerVenus turns retrograde on Saturday morning, and theoretically this means that new romance (or positive progress within an existing relationship) might be harder to get. However, in practice, what it means is that you should apply a little more introspection when it comes to what your love life goals are.


FRIDAY: Yeah, you go ahead and do whatever you like today, because although the Moon is in Taurus (and that would normally be great for romance), it’s Void of Course until early Saturday. Don’t try to make any significant changes to the terms of your love life: this evening is better suited to loafing on the couch and watching TV — with or without a romantic partner.

SATURDAY: Moon in Gemini may not have the same romantic reputation as Moon in Taurus, but it sure knows how to start a conversation. That’s how relationships usually begin, so don’t be afraid to (literally or figuratively) get up off of that bar stool and introduce yourself.

SUNDAY: Today Mars trine Saturn is exact. If you’re looking to start something lasting… or want to do more than simply slap a bandage on an issue in your love life… today is the day when you can make some real progress. The usual defensiveness and obstacles will be less of a factor than usual.



Ever get into a conversation with a Gemini and feel like you were being gently persuaded to give up all your secrets, but not necessarily in a romantic or sexual way? Like, that Gemini keeps asking you questions about your work or something? To most, this is what’s called “data mining.” To a Gemini though? It may also be flirting.

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