Unique Self Coaching

The Unique Self Coaching Process is a powerful change technology that taps into Creative Source to engage your unique potential and facilitate its emergence as your Unique Self. The Unique Self is not a concept but a quality of presence that is embodied as we awaken to our interconnectedness and grow beyond our sense of separation. We believe awakening to and living as our Unique Self is the purpose of existence because it is from here that we most fully offer our gifts to the world.

Because the process facilitates getting to the heart of who you are – an irreducible expression of the Love Intelligence that animates all of existence – and how the creative impulse of this Source wants to express through you, it has many applications. Whether you are seeking spiritual connection and development, wanting to understand why your life is no longer fulfilling, exploring your life’s purpose or trying to get traction with a particular life difficulty, this process will help.

So how does it work?

There are three phases to the Unique Self Coaching Process: Immersion, Emergence and Embodiment.

In the Immersion Phase we use several exploration tools to access a comprehensive view of how you perceive yourself and the world. This perspective is often invisible to you. Not only is it invisible but also it unknowingly prevents you from making the changes you desire. While it has many positive qualities, you’ll find that its limiting qualities can serve as a “foot on the brake” that gets in the way of your “foot on the pedal” desire to change. Once we have a clear picture of your perspective and exactly what you wish to change we move to the second phase of the process.

In the Emergence Phase we’ll chart a path toward a deeper and wider way of being, one that involves learning new competencies through specific practices, reflection, feedback and support. It begins by teaching you ways to identify and release your limiting qualities or False Self Pattern. As you loosen the grip of your pattern, you’ll engage in practices that assist you to drop more deeply into your True Self, that experiential reality of interconnectness with Source. From here you’ll engage in practices to identify and foster your Unique Self, the amazing and particular way that Source shows up as you, that is different than anyone else in the world.

The Embodiment Phase completes the Unique Self Coaching Process as it celebrates the conclusion of the coaching process and grounds your unique offering so that you can be of greater service to the world.

The Unique Self Coaching Process begins with a free introductory session. This gives both you and me a sense of each other in order to ascertain whether coaching is what you need at this time and if we are a fit. Please email me at barbara@barbaraalexander.net to set up an initial session and/or ask any questions. The length of time of each individual coaching program varies depending on the person but generally the process takes between 9 – 12 months.

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