Our Life After Death, Really?

Our Life After Death by Emanuel Swedenborg, drawn from his larger work, Heaven and Hell, lays out his vision of the life we have ahead of us once we leave the earth plane. It is based on many direct experiences Swedenborg had over three decades. According to him, he was shown the afterlife and proposes to tell the reader exactly what it’s like, what to expect and furthermore, how to live now in order to spend said afterlife in heaven rather than hell. I am amazed at Swedenborg’s vision and mys … [Read More...]


What’s An Evolutionary?

  We are evolution become conscious of itself.       Julian Huxley Recently I read Carter Phipps new book, Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea. If you need a shot of hope, order it today, it’s well worth it. I’m a voracious reader and often suggest to my husband that he read something I’ve particularly liked. Sam thinks most books should/could be articles but to his credit, he most often skims my recommendations. I know a book has grabbed hi … [Read More...]

How Then Shall We Live?

I wrote in December about the radical experiential knowledge that we are not simply separate individuals but beings who are deeply connected to the timeless, eternal Reality that is called by many names. This is classical enlightenment. The story I used last time about waves and water illustrates the normal state before enlightenment or awakening as I prefer to call it. The first wave was convinced that it was separate and would be destroyed on impact with the shore. The secret imparted by the … [Read More...]

Season Of Light

  It doesn’t really matter what you celebrate Season of light, illumine the night Fill our hearts full, keep our hope bright We will call on our common name For we know in our hearts we’re the same  Season of Light  Because many traditions have major celebrations during this time of year, it is often called the Season of Light. The opening lyrics of Season Of Light composed by Jill Rose touch me deeply. Perhaps deep down, we really do know we are all the same. However as I absorb the … [Read More...]

Gradual, The Spiritual Journey Is Gradual

Patheos bloggers are offered the opportunity to read and review news books form time to time. A Season of Mystery by Paula Huston caught my eye because its subject matter is spiritual practice for the second half of life. Since I teach spiritual practice and am in life’s second half, I was curious.The book is written from a decidedly traditional Christian perspective. This is evidenced by Huston’s introduction where she suggests that getting old is about preparing for the next life, the one J … [Read More...]

Tis The Season For Gratitude

Many years ago there was a television commercial for Cadillac that I liked very much. Rather than the noisy hype about all the features of a car it simply showed a Cadillac driving down the road, silently. Then a voice said . . . “quietly doing things very well.” In those days I didn’t have a spiritual lens, I simply liked it because of the contrast between its quiet elegance and the other automobile brands slick hype. Today I do have a spiritual lens and as I contemplated writing about one of my … [Read More...]

Awakening Experiences

This week I’m working on the content of a January retreat day I’m doing for the Marin Interfaith Council. It’s my pleasure to be co-leading the retreat with Marilyn Mandela Schlitz, president of the Institute of Noetic Science. We’ll be talking about transformation, a subject IONS has studied for 35 years. Interestingly, I’ve been exploring the topic for about the same number of years and IONS has been a wonderful resource for that exploration.Key to the topic of transformation according to s … [Read More...]

Hope For The Future?

The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.                                         Pierre Teilhard de Chardin As the national election looms large I, like many people in the world, am contemplating our future. My musings caused me to recall this Quote of the Day from gratefulness.org. In a world that is changing, roiling really, in increasingly chaotic and unpredictable ways, how do we give our children reason for hope? What can our generation possibly do that wil … [Read More...]

What’s In A Worldview?

In my last post, I wrote about Spiritual Intelligence and the amazing research Cindy Wigglesworth has done, mapping the terrain of this particular line of development. It’s no surprise that the very first skill in her 21-skill assessment is Awareness of One’s Worldview.Worldview is a word invoked often these days to help explain the vastly different perspectives people hold. So what exactly is a worldview and why does it matter? A worldview is a perspective on the nature of reality. Where the … [Read More...]

Why Practice?

I am often asked why practice is so important in the coaching and teaching work I do. To my credit, I resist the phrase that comes immediately to mind. You know it I’m sure. In fact it probably came immediately to your mind as well . . . practice makes perfect. Well of course we are not going for perfection but it is true that practice will make one more skillful at whatever it is they are practicing. We know from brain research about neuroplasticity, the amazing capacity to create new neural p … [Read More...]