Another Beautiful Unique Self

Another Beautiful Unique Self July 1, 2015

canstockphoto2761854In my last post I wrote about my beloved teacher, Barbara Everett, one who in my view fully embodied her own uniqueness. Here’s another one, my friend and colleague, Claire Molinard as she’s interviewed on Conscious TV about the Unique Self Teachings and the coaching program we’ve developed using it as our framework. Can’t help but quote Brian Andreas as he so beautifully describes how Claire’s love spills out into the world:

When you start to crack open don’t waste a moment gathering your old self up into something like you knew before.

Let your New Self splash like sunlight into every dark place & laugh and cry & make sounds you never made & thank all that is holy for the gift

because you have no choice but to let all your Love spill out into the world.


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